Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to my MonoBlog

Thanks for visiting. Below are some examples of my character design and animation work over the years. I have been mostly working as a Flash animator and have been very lucky to work for some great studios, on some great projects and with some incredible colleagues and friends.
Some of the designs are from commissioned work, but most of them are from personal projects i never really got off the ground. My mutant babies that never got raised! But i will be uploading some more current work, so heres hoping :)

When i've figured out how to add links to other peoples blogs, please take the time to visit them.

Kevin's Magic Lunchbox

A Char design project for a pitch about a boy and his magic lunchbox. The food inside the lunchbox talk to the boy and they have hysterical adventures together! Don't think it ever got made.

My Showreel 2008

Here is my animation Showreel from 2008. Getting a little bit old now, new one coming soon.


These are some designs i am currently working on for a short/series pitch. Its about 4 characters that are trying to make it big (or small) with their band.

Russell Sprout

This was a concept i had about an old irish farmer living in a high radon zone in ireland, inadvertently grows an atomic brussel sprout that threatens to destroy the local village. The old man was heavily medicated and prone to hallucinations also. The char on the bottom is his psychotic home carer. Design was influenced by british comics i used to read when i was a kid.


Here are some design ideas i was messing around with in 2007 when i got the idea to make a racing game (was playing too much mario-kart at the time). Was meant to be 3D, but without the 3D skills had to try and find what i was trying to get at in FLASH. Hmmm.


Design i did for Bouldermedia in 2006, a nice simple project on which i could give myself free reign. Kept the design simple so the animation wouldn't take ages. Watch the video below..

Friends & Neighbours

Friends & Neighbours was a series concept that i was working on in 2006. Ill-concieved, ill-fated. Fun though!!

Barbershop designs

Barbershop is a short film i designed and directed and made with Bouldermedia in 2005. Had a good run at the festivals and is still being requested which is a bit good. Watch Barbershop below...